It’s All In The Spin

Chakras spin alternatively as they move up your body

The fundamental purpose of alternate spin is to create emotional breath.  

The chakras are your emotional centre and breath in and out, just like air through the lungs but, they do so with emotions to create emotional balance. 

Counterclockwise represents an in-breath and clockwise represents an out breath. 

Chakra balance is also dependent on the radius and rate of spin.  Each chakra must be fully open and the rate of spin must be consistent with your resting heart rate.


Chakras spin in opposite directions for men and women

Men’s chakras, starting at the root, spin clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, etc. as they move upward.

Women’s chakras, starting at the root, spin counterclockwise, clockwise, counterclockwise, etc. as they move upward.


What is the significance of this………

In the simplest of terms:

When a man’s chakras are balanced he has clear boundaries, respects himself and shows his affection, his love, with advice.

When a woman’s chakras are balanced she is creative, compassionate, nurturing and supportive.

Men receive love from their external world, from the emotional in-breath of the heart chakra.

Women create their own love and provide compassion to others. In women, the heart chakra spins clockwise.

Men create their own sense of self and speak their truth with ease. The solar plexus chakra and the throat chakras spin clockwise.  The solar plexus represents the emotional sense of self and the throat chakra the emotional voice.

Woman receive their identity and their ability to speak their truth from their external world, from an emotional in-breath.

Balance for women starts at the Heart. 

Love the self and your whole structure will be solid.

Balance for men starts at the Solar Plexus. 

Identity is key to their overall well-being.  “I am what I do”


Who cares?  As a woman, I do! 

The women I work with are often shocked to hear they are carrying the energetic signature of the men in their lives.

Please remember, as a woman, your boundaries, sense of self as well as your voice is received from an emotional in-breath.

Consider this as a possible scenario.  The man in your life had a rough day at work. He is super angry, annoyed or frustrated when he arrives home.  You ask what is wrong and he tells you the story.  The next thing you know, he’s fine and you are completely tense, exhausted, or just plain agitated. 

You have taken in his energy.  It happens all the time!

Therefore, It may not be surprising to learn that women need to release the emotional tension we have accepted from our male partners and the company that we keep, on a regular basis.  

We are sponges, soaking it all in.


What does Love have to do with it?

As a woman, I believe there are 3 things you need to remember.

  • The additional tension you are absorbing is adding significantly to your level of stress.  Taking yoga or tai chi plus meditating regularly can help reduce your stress.
  • Love yourself and the whole emotional structure is balanced.
  • Always remember that men show their affection by providing advice.  Please acknowledge and accept it for what it represents – love.

Emotional Balance – It’s all in the spin!

Please take what you like and leave the rest, for this is and always will be my opinion.

If something fits with your beliefs or creates an ah ha moment – wonderful!

We all need to speak our truth and this is mine.