Have you ever wondered why some goals are more easily attained than others and why, regardless of how hard we try, other goals are never realized?


There are 3 factors to achieving any goal:


Goals must always be for our highest good – for the good of all and for the good of our self.
  • If a goal is selfish, and only serves to feed the ego, it is not for our highest good and will wreak havoc on our holistic self and possibly our health.
  • If, however, the goal is focused on our personal or spiritual growth, it is in keeping with our highest good and will always be, with effort, achievable.


Our holistic self – mind, body and spirit – must be in balance – in harmony – with our goals.
  • Whenever there is a disconnect between the mind, body and spirit, it is impossible to attain our goal.  The mind (ego), the body (emotional self) and the spirit (subconscious or heart centre) must be in unison, working like a well oiled machine, to attain and maintain any goal.
  • When the mind, body, and spirit are not working in unison, it will always feel like an uphill battle.  Even if we can obtain the goal, there will be no long term joy – no celebration – no fulfillment – just restlessness, discontent and on to the next…..


We must be willing and able to release our self-limiting beliefs – emotions – stressors – that are impeding our ability to reach holistic balance and, by extension, the achievement of the goal.
  • When we believe we are the victim and others must change we are unable to acknowledge and release the self-limiting beliefs, emotions and stressors that are keeping us from achieving our goals.
  • We are only responsible for and able to change ourselves.
  • When we take responsibility for the person we want to be, we find it in ourselves to be that person.


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