Affirmations can be a wonderful tool for releasing emotional tension!


Emotional Tension


In the holistic wellness model, our level of health or wellbeing increases when our energy flows freely and easily.  When unproductive emotions are held within the body, they create tension which restricts the flow of energy.

Our body, if we pay attention to it, is an extremely powerful biofeedback mechanism continually telling us the depth and breadth of the emotional tension we are holding and where.  Restricted energy flow is often felt as tightness or pain.

My Tai Chi instructor says that the tightness is our upper body – shoulders and neck – provides all the information we need to know with respect to the amount of emotional tension we are carrying.  The tension in this area reflects the tension in our entire body.  It also reflects that we are in our heads and not in our body.

In the practice of Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation it is believed that only when we are in our body can we release the emotions, the tension, we are holding.



My Reiki Master says that our joints hold our stories.  Every emotion that we keep, fills the space between the joints and restricts the flow of energy (Ki) within the body.  The belief is that stiff joints only seem to be a reflection of age because the longer we live the more emotional tension we have the potential to create and hold within our body.

Again, our body, if and when we listen to it, is telling us exactly the level of tension we are carrying and the frequency at which we need to employ relaxation techniques to get us back in our body in order to release the emotions, the tension, we are carrying.

To move from our head to our body requires our body to relax.  When the body relaxes, the emotions begin to break free and bubble to the surface.  When the emotions reach the surface we are faced with feeling the emotions in order to release them. This process, although liberating, can be quite uncomfortable until we learn to be the casual observer.



Everyone is different and differences must be honoured.  Each of us will react differently to the discomfort of releasing emotional tension.  It is extremely important for individuals to honour their own feelings and to proceed at their own pace and only when they feel safe to do so.




I believe that words carry an energetic or emotional vibration.

I believe affirmations can be used to relax the body to release unwanted and unproductive stress with the intent to restore energetic or emotional balance.

Consider the human body as a vessel – a glass of water.



If the glass is full of stagnant water, we cannot add any fresh water, until some of the stagnant water is removed or the glass will overflow.  Once some of the stagnant water is removed, fresh water can be added.  The stagnant water in the glass is now diluted making it easier to remove a bit more and add a bit of fresh water.  Eventually we have a glass with more fresh than stagnant water.

With each bit of fresh water that is added, the renewal process is strengthened.


Affirmations can relax the body and release stagnant energy helping us to heal.


AFFIRMATIONS – Practical Application


Before choosing an affirmation, a client chooses an overarching theme for the session.  The theme could be as simple as for their highest good or it could be for their highest good with respect to work, relationships, family, etc.

A muscle test is then performed to choose the best affirmation for the theme.

At this point the energetic balance of the chakra system is tested.  First without the affirmation and then with the affirmation.  If the affirmation balances the chakras then this is the affirmation to be used for the balance.  If one of more chakras remain or become unbalanced,  a second affirmation is chosen and added to the first.  The energetic balance of the chakras is once again tested.  This process continues until the affirmations chosen create a balanced energy system, a balanced chakra system.

Why the Chakra system?

The chakra system is the energetic system of the emotional body.

With the affirmation(s) chosen, a muscle test is then performed to choose the type of balance required by the body.

The intent of the balance is to remove the emotional stress surrounding the theme and by extension to realign the chakra system creating energetic flow – energetic balance.

As the balance progresses a cycle of relaxation, release and renewal takes place.

Once the balance is complete, the body is once again consulted to confirm the type of balance required to “balance the balance”.  This secondary balance helps to reinforce the session work.  An example of a secondary balance could be a new affirmation which the client uses for a number of hours or days.


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