Being an energy worker is extremely rewarding; however, like any vocation there are some self-care items that need to be addressed.


Self-Care:  7 Things to Remember


As a holistic energy worker…..

  • We can only support a client as far as we have grown.
  • We cannot cure anyone.  We support our client’s ability to release that which no longer serves them and to ensure the newly created void is filled with self-love.
  • Our mindset must always be focused on support through love and compassion.
  • We must be in holistic balance before each client session.
  • We must maintain holistic balance during each client session.
  • We must clear, clean and rebalance ourselves after each client session.
  • A regular self-care regime is mandatory.  But, we cannot clear everything from ourselves by ourselves.  We require the support and services of a trusted energy worker on a regular basis.

When we do not take care of ourselves and provide sessions to clients in an unbalanced state, we are leaving ourselves open to energetic cords – both giving and receiving.



Energetic Cords


What are energetic cords?
Energetic cords are energetic links.

When do cords attach?

  • When we feel sorry for others or ourselves.
  • When we take away another’s pain.
  • When we are not balanced.
  • When we believe we are a victim.
  • When we wish to control others or be controlled by others.
  • When we don’t like ourselves or feel unworthy.
  • When we wish we were someone else.



Humanity:  Some Cords are Meant to Be!


I believe humanity is attached by a single energetic cord at the 12th level of the chakra system.

This single energetic cord looks like a piece of hemp rope – a bit frayed and worn – extremely old – yet very strong.



This energetic cord allows us to stand as one and to see our reflection in others – the good, the bad and the ugly.

This energetic cord allows us to stand as an individual to understand our purpose in connection to the whole and in connection to our life lessons.



Practitioners and Client Cords


Each of us is unique and our reactions will be different; however, practitioners who have picked up a client’s cord may present with one or more of these symptoms:

  • Feeling drained after a session.
  • Feeling ill after a session – stomach ache, headache, gas or bloating, soar throat, lump in throat, etc.
  • Being left with a client’s symptom(s) – the reason the client came to see the practitioner.
  • Starting to behave like the client including mimicking through words and attitudes.





Clients and Practitioner Cords


We must never forget that energy work supports our ability to relax, release and balance.

When we are holistically balanced we are calm, peaceful and at one with ourselves.

An energetic cord, may have been inserted if as a client you present with one of the following common symptoms:

  • Feeling involuntarily or unnaturally euphoric and scattered at the end of a session.
  • You are more in awe of the practitioner’s ability rather than the results of the session.
  • Starting to behave like the practitioner including mimicking through words and attitudes.
  • The practitioner states they can cure you as opposed to supporting your wellness journey.



Beliefs to Embrace (BUT, only if you want to!)


  • We can only heal ourselves.  Practitioners can support us, not heal us.
  • “Real change, enduring change happens one step at a time.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Life is to be experienced and emotions need to be felt and released.
  • Held emotions can make us sick and lead to disease.
  • We can only change ourself.  We can never change someone else.
  • When we remove another’s pain, they are not able to learn their lesson.  The lesson will repeat itself with more force and vigour.
  • That which bothers us in another is a reflection of what we are or are capable to being.  Only when we acknowledge and accept our shadow side do the actions of others stop annoying us.
  • Love comes from within, not from outside sources.



Cords: Cut vs Untie



A very wise energy worker once told me that cords must be untied not cut.

If cords were free floating, they could simply and easily float away but, most do not.

Cords often remain within us, locked in place, and need to be removed.

When cords are cut, the knot remains inside and can always regrow!



The Nature of Energetic Cords


Cords carry the energetic signatures – thoughts and feelings – of their creator.



I generally see cords as black, white, grey or skin tone.  Other practitioners may see cords in different colours.  We are only able to see things through our own filter.

I have also seen coloured cords but, to date, this is extremely rare.



In my world…

  • The black, white and grey cords are inserted.
  • The skin tone cords are the ones self-grown and are often the hardest to remove.



In addition to colour each cord has a specific thickness and texture.  I have seen…..

  • thick cords,
  • thin cords,
  • frayed cords,
  • cords that look like netting,
  • cords that are knotted,
  • cords that look like barbed wire,
  • and cords with hooks.


When it comes to energetic cords, we owe it to ourselves to be balanced.  When we are balanced, cords tend to pass through us with ease and grace instead of getting stuck and possibly being detrimental to our health and wellbeing.


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