Energy Workers


If you are an energy worker, I am not telling you anything new.

Clients generally arrive at the door in pain, feeling stuck, disconnected, without purpose, anxious, in a state of despair, or have a new or worsening health condition.

Client’s often seek the support of an energy worker after having tried other therapies with little to no lasting success.

Energy work does not replace the medical treatment prescribed by a Healthcare Professional; however, it can be a significant adjunct as it balances and relaxes the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is the mechanism that controls the fight or flight response.

Energy work can transition the body from the fight the flight response to the rest and digest response.

The body is only able to start the self-healing process when in the rest or digest mode.

Energy workers, based on their unique gifts, are able to see, hear, feel and interpret the energetic field.

Beyond all the sensory information, energy workers, like any care provider, are the keepers of stories. One of the functions of an energy worker is to listen to and take part in the release of a client’s story.

All words have an energetic frequency, an emotional vibration.

Whether the story is spoken, heard, or witnessed, a story impacts our body and our wellbeing.


The Human Condition


As humans we are energetic vessels continually releasing and filling up.

We are healthiest when our energy flows with ease.

A state of dis-ease occurs when energy gets sluggish or stuck.

A state of dis-ease occurs when we keep the stories of others or stories which no longer serve our highest good.


Clearing is a Must


As an energetic vessel it is plausible that an energy worker could…

  • absorb the energy a client releases.
  • have their own energy drained, intentionally, by giving it away. Normally to cure a client.
  • have their own energy drained, unintentionally, by having poor boundaries.

Regardless of the reason, it harms us when we give away our energy.  We become depleted and weakened.

It is also important to note, that an energy worker, just like anyone else on this planet can only help others as far as they have grown.

It is, therefore, extremely important for energy workers to undertake a path of spiritual growth and to always err on the side of “energetic caution”.


Self-care in a Client Setting


Being cautious in a client setting means…


– being balanced and heart centred before seeing a client.


– ensuring the intent of the session is to be supportive and not to cure.
  • Every client has their own unique path which must be followed through lessons learned to reach enlightenment.
  • To attempt to cure someone is extremely dangerous as it neither serves the best interest of the energy worker or the client.
  • It will drain the energy worker of their personal energy and the client will not have learned their lesson.
  • When a lesson is not learned it must be repeated.


– stopping a session and rebalancing whenever it is necessary.
  • An energy worker must know how they act and react in the world to know when they are out of balance.
  • The session must come to a halt when the energy worker becomes unbalanced.
  • The session can proceed once the energy worker is rebalanced.


– clearing and rebalancing between clients.
  • Both the energy worker and the space they work in must be cleared and rebalanced between clients.


– understanding there is no such thing as protection.

There is no magic protective bubble, shield, coat of armour or net. The concept of a protective coating just doesn’t make sense if you believe just one of the following:

  • The chakra system is an open system in that it is continually receiving and releasing energy.
  • A practitioner’s energy surrounds a client which makes the practitioner vulnerable to the client’s lower vibrational energy.  If the practitioner is not able to stay balanced and maintain a higher vibrational frequency, they will take on the lower aspects of the client, rather than raising the client to a higher level to support release.
  • The aura reaches out into the cosmos so how can it possibly be contained?  Or, if it is possible to contain the aura would this not hamper the energy worker as they are cutting themselves off from their gifts and their ability to use them by compressing and sealing the aura.
  • By using the word protection, fear is instilled into the situation. Fear tightens the muscles. Tightened muscles make the body rigid and causes the higher vibrational self to be squeezed out of the body like toothpaste from a tube. The empty body or vessel is then left open to be filled with whatever the client releases.
  • Last but not least, if the energy worker is working from the ego or mental body, instead of the heart, the client’s story is held.  The story has an emotional vibration, an emotional impact.  Holding the story of another increases the body’s stress load and can cause harm.


– ending the fixation on the requirement for a larger third eye chakra.
  • We “see” through the heart chakra not the third eye.
  • Enlarging the third eye does not make energy workers better at their craft. The chakra system is a closed system in that each chakra contains a portion of all the other chakras. Creating a larger third eye usually decreases and destabilizes the heart and/or the sacral chakra. And, it has the potential to destabilize any or all of the other chakras creating widespread system imbalance.
  • Reversing the spin of the third eye can also occur by letting someone open the third eye. Reversing the spin not only allows too much information in but, the information received is in the wrong format. It is like trying to read a jpeg file as a word document. It produces overwhelming gobbledygook.


– having sessions with other energy workers on a regular basis to be cleared and rebalanced.
  • Just as a chiropractor requires the services of a colleague for a session, so do energy workers.
  • I normally suggest that energy workers get cleared and rebalanced every 6 to 8 weeks or as and when required based on their own awareness.


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