Expanding the Heart Centre

The Ego vs The Heart Centre

You, as do I, live in a bubble – – – a wonderous vacuum.  A place where you see the world from your own perspective.  And, this perspective is tainted or, at the very least skewed.  Because, it is created by the stories that fill you.  The stories you have kept.

It isn’t good or bad, it just is.  

You, as I, are only human and as human beings we are inherently flawed.  Flawed because the mind belongs to the ego.  We have spent an appreciable amount of time trying to supersize the mind and in so doing we have lost a piece of our humanity, our true selves.  The enlightened self, the true self, which I call the heart centre or soul.  Only the heart centre values individuality and our ability to be kind to ourselves.  Our heart centre allows us to shine our brightest bright for the self and by extension those we meet.

The ego only allows you to see yourself as a victim and wishes others could see the world through your eyes.  This is, however, in direct opposition to what would support the heart centre.  The goal of the heart centre is to see the world with compassion.  Compassion for the self and by extension compassion for others.

The Power of Words

Words are so very powerful.  They can cause us harm.  Every word has an emotional vibration.  Hurtful words create hurtful stories.  When you keep a hurtful story, the body often expresses it as pain.

What if you could, at your discretion, look at the world from the perspective of someone else.  To see the world through the eyes of another person.  What kind of stories would fill you then?  Would it be stories of peace and contentment, sadness or possibly fear?

My bet is that you would hear stories of fear.  As fear is the true motivator.  

You say you should be able to speak your mind.  However, should you be able to speak your mind if you are coming from a place of fear, a place of intolerance?  We all carry fear because it is easier to carry a lower vibrational energy than to carry a higher one.  But, should we accept fearful and intolerant stories filled with judgement and hate?

There is no protection from the energy in the stories we surround ourselves with.  The energy sticks to us like glue, both inside and out.  The only saving grace is to know your true self, your true essence and how that essence is changed by the company you keep.


Your True Essence, Your Heart Centre

To be enlightened is to know when your true essence changes from the heart centre to that of the ego.  Who have you become versus who you truly are? 

Think about it! What motivated you to become a member of a group that valued conformity over individuality?  When did the mission change from personal fulfillment to want and desire?

You like me, are only human and the body you inhabit is but a mere collection of the stories you have kept.  Stories that make your true essence, your heart centre, stronger or stories that make your true essence, your soul, weaker.  

Kindness matters as does the company you keep.  Choose to expand your heart centre.  Be kind to yourself first and foremost so you can shine your brightest bright.  You more than anyone, deserve to be content  – at peace with yourself – in energetic alignment.

The Qualifier

I am a complementary care provider.  I am not licensed Medical Professional.

All the services provided by complementary care providers are, complementary too and do not replace the prescribed treatment/therapy of a licensed Medical Professional.


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