Releasing is Simple – Not Easy!

The concept of releasing may seem simple on the surface.  Perhaps even like child’s play.  As simple as releasing a balloon.

Releasing - Child's Play?

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But, releasing is actually quite difficult and takes dedication and discipline.

Releasing is difficult because it can be unpleasant.  In order for you to release and move forward, you must process the feelings that you have stored – locked away – in your body.

Never forget that the reason you locked these feelings away is because they are so very painful.

Feeling the emotion that creates pain, can be distressing.

However, to find inner peace and a path forward, the emotions you are holding must be felt, acknowledged and then released.

It is of the utmost importance that you understand that your emotions are not being felt so you can analyze them and then lock them away again.  You are feeling to release.

Although this concept may appear simple, it is by no means an easy task.

You must only proceed when you are confident that you can be the casual observer.  To feel the emotions as a non-judgemental third party participant.

There may be times when you need to be under the care of a qualified licensed medical professional.  Times when your memories are too painful to face alone.

Releasing - Shaken not Stired

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Releasing is not Natural for Humans?

How did something that happens so instinctively in the animal kingdom become such a problem for you and I as humans.

You see it all the time.  Animals fight and then they become the greatest of friends or understand their place in the pack or their family unit.

Animals are willing to let go of the emotions.  They shake it off.  You’ve seen it.  A dog will actually do the downward dog yoga pose and yawn.  Or, the dog will literally shake.  When dogs do this, they are releasing the emotional energy from their body – from the event.

What do we humans do?  Yes, you and I.  What do we do?  Instead of letting things go, we like to hold onto things.  We love to analyze things.  To try and figure them out.

You may decide to hold a grudge.  Or, you may decide to keep a story.  A story you tell yourself, you witness or even a story that belongs to another.

Regardless of how you accept the story, by keeping the story, you are keeping the emotion.

Each emotion you keep adds to the stress your body is carrying.  Stress is cumulative and once you reach your capacity your body trys to tell you enough is enough – STOP!

Then the consequences set in – aches and pains, insomnia, poor digestion, impatience, lack of Focus, irritability, increased startle response – the list goes on.

By holding your grudge or keeping the story.  As the saying goes, you are truly only hurting yourself.

Releasing is Possible

Yes, releasing your held emotions is possible but, you need to be willing to feel, acknowledge, and release them.

There are a number of ways to help yourself, however, should the experience – memory – be too painful for you to face alone ask for help.  Please, seek assistance from a Licensed Medical Professional.

For daily clearing, meditation or the practice of Yoga or Tai Chi are excellent ways for you to release and not keep the emotions from the day.

These three (3) techniques relax the body to enable the held emotions to bubble to the surface so you can acknowledge and release them.

Relaxation as opposed to distraction is the key.

Distractions guide your mind and body away from the issue that needs to be resolved and creates a situation where you hold the emotion(s).

The act of analyzing does not release your emotions.  Analyzing belongs to the mind, and the mind belongs to the ego.  The ego, when left to its own devices, is self-sabotaging.  Analyzing tenses the body which locks in your emotions.  The exact opposite of what you are attempting to attain to develop and grow.

Relaxation techniques relax the body, allowing you to feel the emotions so they can be acknowledged and released.

The Qualifier

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