Releasing the Day – One Emotion

What a Day you’ve had and its not over yet!

You’re home now, though, and you are safe and sound.  This is your personal time.  Time to settle in and indulge yourself with a nice cup of tea.  Your favourite flavour in your favourite mug or cup.  The perfect time to release that one situation, that one story, that one emotion that has stuck with you from earlier in the day.

Yes, the one story, the one emotion, you brought home!

This is your time to take care of yourself.  Time for you to relax, release and renew!


Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

What is that One Emotion?

Time to hone in on that one emotion, that one memory, you brought home with you from the day.  That one situation which just won’t leave you alone.  The event that is whirling around in your head.  Whirling around in your head because you are trying to analyze it.

Time to STOP!  Emotions cannot be analyzed but, they can be released.

Time to Relax, Release and Renew!

Time to Journal

Concentrate on that one story, that one memory, causing you inner turmoil – anxiety, stress.

When something sticks with you, write it out.  Immerse yourself in it.
Make it conscious, instead of stuffing it away.

Give it a life of its own.
Separate from you, so you can work with it.

Journal everything you can about it from the perspective of the 5 senses – if you could…

  • see it, what would it look like?
  • feel the texture, what would it feel like?
  • hear it, what would it sound like?
  • smell it, what would it smell like?
  • taste it, what would it taste like?

Now that you know everything about it.
Exactly how it looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes.
You have given it a life of its own.  Separate from you.  And, so it begins to fade.

Journal the fading process until the emotion of the story, event, disappears. Gone!
Does the shape change?  Perhaps it shrinks?  Or, does it simply fade away?

You still have the memory but, the emotional impact of the memory has now been released.

Last but not least, on a separate piece of paper, write the following:

  • Three (3) things about yourself that you are grateful for.

The three (3) things you do to create a safe and loving space for yourself within yourself.

What do you do for yourself, not others, that you are grateful for.

I am grateful that I (am) – kind, honest, trust, honour, non-judgemental, believe in, respect, listen, support – (to) myself.

When you are finished writing and, while looking at these 3 items, take in 3 deep breaths.
On the in-breath silently say love – On the out-breath silently say light.

You must always fill yourself with love once you have released.  This is to fill the hole, the gap, so you can move forward and shine your brightest bright.

 The Qualifier

I am a complementary care provider.  I am not licensed Medical Professional.

All the services provided by complementary care providers are, complementary too and do not replace the prescribed treatment/therapy of a licensed Medical Professional.