What is Touch for Health™ (TFH) and Specialized Kinesiology?

TFH and Specialized Kinesiology are non-invasive complementary techniques using muscle monitoring – a bio-feedback mechanism – to detect stress or energetic imbalances within the body.

These techniques are based on a model of health in which the body-mind connection seeks an innate sense of balance, but sometimes this body-mind connection needs assistance to re-establish this balance.

Once stress or energetic imbalances are found, balancing procedures are applied to reduce the stress and restore balance. Balancing procedures can include but are not exclusive to the application of Acupressure, Meridian Tracing, Tuning Forks, Neurolymphatic Message and/or Reflexology.


How does muscle monitoring help with goal setting?

Muscle monitoring allows the body to directly answer any questions asked of it. This technique can be used to choose a goal and then to balance the body’s energy systems to the goal.

Consider this… A goal is often not realized as there is an energetic disconnect to the goal. Muscle monitoring provides a resource for energetic alignment. Muscle monitoring is an effective tool as it detects the stress towards a goal and directs the practitioner to the technique(s) to be used to clear or minimize the stress. The clearing or minimizing of the stress allows for energetic alignment towards the goal. When this alignment occurs there is a greater potential for success.

Sessions benefit the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and well-being of the individual. The client remains fully clothed with the exception of shoes. Socks are removed for foot Reflexology.


Does Touch for Health™ (TFH) and Specialized Kinesiology have contraindications?

TFH does not have any contraindications.

If Specialized Kinesiology is to be the service provided, then there are contraindications. These contraindications are due to Reflexology being one of the possible balancing procedures.

The contraindications for Reflexology include: extreme swelling of extremities, phlebitis, DVT, untreated heart or blood pressure conditions, and the first trimester of pregnancy.

The presence of varicose veins requires a modified Reflexology session.

As both TFH and Specialized Kinesiology require physical mobility, if physical injury, trauma, illness or disease impacts and restricts the body’s mobility, a surrogate, such as a relative or friend can be used. If a surrogate is to be used, the surrogate is balanced before the session for the client begins.


What can be expected from a session? 

During a Touch for Health™ or Specialized Kinesiology session, sensations such as heat, cold or tingles are often felt within the body. Participants generally speak of feeling spacey, foggy or a bit tired at the end of a session. As we are unique individuals, each of us will have a slightly different experience.

It normally takes 5 – 10 minutes at the end of the session for participants to adapt to the shift the session has created and to resume normal activities.

Depending on the goal, length of session, and balancing procedures employed, a client can require a grounding procedure after the balance is complete. The grounding procedure eliminates the spacey or foggy feeling.

It is important for participants to drink plenty of water immediately following the session and for the next few days. Water is required to both break down and to flush the by-products of stress reactions from the body.


What are the potential benefits?

Touch for Health™ and Specialized Kinesiology are systems for balancing posture, attitude and life energy for greater comfort, vitality and enjoyment of life. Potential wellness benefits include but are not exclusive to:
– Helps to align the body’s energy systems to a goal.
– Helps to process shock and trauma.
– Helps to relieve pain.
– Helps to release the by-products of emotional, physical and mental stressors.
– Helps to restore balance to the subtle energy bodies.