-Wendy Y.

I recently had the pleasure of coming to know the work of Diane MacDonald, of Raincoast Elemental. The first thing that impressed me about Diane is that she intuited what would be most helpful for me – before I even knew. She skillfully took me through a process that...

-Tracey Lewindon RA,EOT.

Diane is a gifted healer and a true light-worker. I have experienced different healing modalities under both the Allopathic and Holistic healing models, and was amazed by the power and gentleness of Diane’s work. I found my session with her to be deep and profound in...

-Karen F.

When Diane works, she works both systematically and intuitively. Because of this, she is able to flow where my body and soul needed to go to get the healing done but since she works systematically, she doesn’t leave you mid healing and heading home “half done”. She...

-Shashank H.

Diane encompasses many dimensions of healing in her practice. Her knowledge and understanding of diverse energy realms makes her a special teacher and healer. She is truly gifted.

-Angie M.

For those entrepreneurial caregivers among us, adding Diane’s wellness services into our own self-care routines is vital if we want to avoid burnout. I speak from experience!

-Farah A.

Meditating with Diane has helped me to transcend from mind chatter to a place of stillness and quiet within. It is a place from which healing begins, and allows me to be an observer whenever in duress.