Spring Clearing – Why Wait!

Your home, furniture and collectables can hold stagnant energy.  Stagnant energy is usually of a lower vibration which can eventually affect your vibrational state.

When purchasing antiques and repurposed items, please understand that you are not only inviting the item into your home, you are also inviting its energy into your home.

Stagnant energy can from a number of different sources.

It can come from you, as you release after a difficult day.  But, and equally as important, it can also come from a loved one. 

Do you notice when one member of your household has a particularly bad day, it lowers the vibration of your whole house and everyone in it?

The same can hold true for your worksite.  One person’s mood can affect everyones.

Unfortunately, it is easier to lower your energetic vibration than it is to raise your vibration.  It is always easier for you to fall into a rut than it is to be cheerful and happy.

What I am also asking you to consider is that your energetic vibration can also be affected by a stranger.  Someone you have never met but, whose piece of furniture or knick knack you have purchased and welcomed into your home or office.

Items can hold the energy of whomever they have come into contact with and the energy can be held for generations.

Unless an item is energetically cleared, you are living in, being nourished by, and possibly holding onto energy that could be affecting your well-being by lowering your energetic vibration.

Image by shell_ghostcage from Pixabay

Clearing is not just for items!

Have you every walked into a store, an office or possibly a home and felt really uncomfortable.  You have just arrived yet, you want to leave.

Or perhaps a friend, who was feeling rather sad, came over and told you their story in your kitchen.

Now, every time you walk into your own kitchen you feel sad.

Yes, your spaces can hold energetic signatures.  Spaces can be just as energetically toxic to your system as an item, if not cleared.

Clearing is a must!

Cleaning is on the physical level.


Image by Nathan Copley from Pixabay

Clearing is on an energetic level


Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Your chakras are the key to your emotional well-being and they respond – thrive or become hampered – by the energy signature that surrounds you.  Your chakras take in and expell energy.  They are feed and nourished by the energy that surrounds you.

If your chakra system is imbalanced, it can lower your energetic vibration and it can over a prolonged period affect your state of well-being.

Clearing Fees

Condo/Apartment – $225.00 plus GST

Townhome or House (2 floors) – $375.00 plus GST

House (3 floors) – $500.00 plus GST

Small collectables/pieces of furniture – depends on quantity and history
Starting at $75.00 – $150.00 plus GST

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