Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Meditation

Relax the body to relax the mind – Beginners Welcome

Where:  White Lotus Divine Healing – 2607 Saint John’s St, Port Moody
When:   January 9, 2019
Time:    7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Cost:     $19.00 + GST
Please register by phone – 604-937-5540 (space is limited to 8 – first come first served)


19+ – Beginners Welcome

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water bottle.  The store has chairs for those who would prefer a chair.


Meditation has been scientifically and medically linked to…

Easing stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain
Giving rise to improved relationships and productivity
Enhancing short-term memory and the ability to focus and concentrate.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Meditation

This type of meditation differs from a regular guided meditation as it targets relaxes the body to relax the mind.  Traditional guided meditation relaxes the mind to relax the body.

Beginners can find it easier to stay mindful or present during a PMR meditation.

Throughout the meditation participants are asked to tighten and release different muscles starting at the top of their head and ending at the tips of their toes.

Focusing on the muscles provides a purpose and helps to stop the mind from wondering.

Tightening and releasing the muscles, is also an excellent way to reduce the amount of stress the body is carrying.

Stress is cumulative and chronic stress, regardless of the cause, transitions the body to the fight or flight mode.

In the fight or flight mode our breathing becomes shallow and rapid, our startle response is heightened, we are no longer able to focus or concentrate and our muscles tighten up. In other words, we become tense and anxious.

A prolonged state of tension and anxiety will take its toll on the body.  Not only can it increase pain levels, it can perpetuate or lengthen the pain cycle.

The best way to ease pain is to relax; however, in this heightened state of alertness, relaxation is not always easy to achieve.

It can be so very difficult to stop our mind from churning.

PMR meditation is an excellent technique to relax the body.

Once the body is relaxed the mind to follows suit.

Once the body and mind are in unison and relaxed, tension melts and the body can ease pain as it balances and begins to repair itself.

Although it sounds counterintuitive, PMR meditation is based on the premise that if we consciously create and release muscle tension, we are not only acknowledging that tension exists, we are creating a memory that we have the power to release muscle tension, and by extension ease pain.  We are empowering ourselves.


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