Workshop:  Releasing Fear

Date:  October 17, 2018
Time:  7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Fee:  $50.00 + GST
Location:  White Lotus Divine Healing, 2607 Saint John’s St, Port Moody

Space is limited to 8 participants.
Please reserve by phone through the store – 604-937-5540.
Please ask to go on the waiting list, once the first 8 spaces are filled.



We are HUMAN

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t become fearful – get anxious in – certain situations.

We just happen to be built that way. 



Commonality VS Uniqueness

As humans we do have some common fears such as public speaking, flying or coming face to face with a big hairy spider or a long scary snake.

As humans we must, also, never forget that each of us walks a different path.

What triggers a fear response in one may never trigger a fear response in another.

It is important, especially when it comes to fear, that each of us honours our own uniqueness.



Fight or Flight Response

When fear strikes, the body transitions, in what seems like a millisecond, to the fight or flight response.

The pulse quickens, our breathing becomes shallow, our palms get cold and clammy, we can have tunnel vision, startle easily, and loose all ability to focus and concentrate.  

In the fight or flight mode, people can say something to us and although we hear them, we have no understanding of what was just said or how to respond.




During this workshop we will…

  • discuss the fight or flight response in more detail.  
  • discuss the organs of the body which hold fear.  
  • practice a few different excises that can support the body’s ability to release the symptoms of fear which will enable each of us to be more present, grounded and balanced.

To be able to Live Life to Your Potential!


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