I recently had the pleasure of coming to know the work of Diane MacDonald, of Raincoast Elemental.

The first thing that impressed me about Diane is that she intuited what would be most helpful for me – before I even knew. She skillfully took me through a process that to me not only released the joint that had been impacted over time, but she assisted me in releasing energy that was no longer serving me. She assisted me to find my natural, authentic voice, free from contradiction.

I found Diane to be fully present, and very giving, in our session together. She listened to her intuition in working with me, giving me more than I could have asked for. I am amazed at all that Diane brings to the table (pun intended), in a safe and professional way, at all times.

I highly trust and recommend working with Diane. If you need or just want to free yourself to help obtain greater ease and joy, I hope you will give yourself the gift of working with Diane.