Holidays can be delightful….

Holidays can be stressful….


Decreasing your stress levels during the holidays is so very important.

Not only is good for your own health, it can have a positive effect, a wondrous effect, on those around you.

I did not create either of the following exercises; however, I would like to pass them on with gratitude for the help they have provided.

Both exercises help me to be present.

Being present means not dwelling about what I said or did in the past or worrying about a situation which may or may not occur in the future (the “What if” scenario(s) playing out in in my head).

When I am present, my body relaxes, stress levels decrease and my body begins to repair and restore itself.



The first exercise is known as humming bee breath.

Humming bee breath helps to balance and support the throat chakra as well as the ability to be present.

When the throat chakra is balanced we speak our truth with love and compassion.

Humming bee breath can get me out of my head and into my body.  It allows my mind to relax and by extension it allows my body to relax and release.

Humming bee breath consists of an in breath and an out breath. 

First, I breath in deeply through the nose and all the way down to my belly.  As I exhale, I breath out slowly through my mouth as I put my lips loosely together.  With lips barely touching they begin to vibrate as I exhale which creates a humming bee sound.  I continue for one to three minutes.  

Once I stop, I usually notice a shift in my body as it starts to relax.

I may yawn, my eyes may water, my stomach may gurgle or I may start to feel cold.

As my body slips deeper into relaxation mode, I feel what others have described to me as a bit sleepy. 

This “sleepy or dreamy state” is what relaxation actually feels like.  I call it my bliss state.  A place where I don’t feel anxious because my stress levels have decreased to the point that I have gained perspective.  

My body has happily transitioned from the fight or flight mode to the rest and digest mode.  A place where self-healing can begin.



The second exercise also focuses on breath; however, this time I am also using visualization.

In this exercise I visualize I am breathing in and releasing turquoise light.

Why turquoise?  Turquoise is a mixture of green and blue.  The colours of the heart (green) and throat (blue) chakras.

It is said if we speak our truth – if we speak from the heart – we are helping to support our immune system.

The thymus gland, an organ that resides midpoint between the heart and throat chakras is an important part of the immune system.  Speaking from the heart is believed to energetically support this organ.

Therefore, turquoise is believed to be a powerful healing colour.

To start the exercise, I take in and release 3 deep breaths.

On the next in breath, I imagine I am surrounded by and breathing in turquoise light.  The tourquoise light surrounds me, travelling in and all around me.  As I breath in, the light travels all the way down and into my belly and as I breath out I believe the turquoise light releases thoughts and worries by cleansing and balancing.  It is supporting my healing process.  I continue breathing in and exhaling the turquoise light for one to three minutes.

As in the first exercise, I usually notice my body transition from a state of anxiety to one of peace.  As my stress levels decrease, I notice myself filling up with peace and joy

I invite you to try either or both of these exercises and wish you and your loved ones a wondrous holiday season.

The Qualifier

Caution should be given to trying these techniques when operating machinery or driving.

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