12 Chakra System


How I, or anyone else defines the 12 chakras, has an inherent bias.  

Each of us, can only see the world through our own eyes.

How each of us defines each of the chakras is based on our own experiences, genetic coding, life lessons and higher purpose and, of course, the work of others that has come before us.

Please don’t let anyone tell you what your truth must be, including me!

Believing someone else’s truth is a step towards disempowerment.  

Or, at least that is my truth.

At this moment, I am comfortable defining each of the 12 chakras as outlined below.

It is a work in progress. 

My promise to myself is to keep an open mind.  To continue to reflect and tweak as required.

Please take what you think is important and leave the rest.   

The only thing I ask is to ensure that what you take resinates with you!




Foundational Information


The chakra system is a window into the emotional body.

When balanced, each Chakra contains an equal proportion of all 12 Chakras.






Earth Star or Super Root

Colour:  Brown
Location:  Below the feet
Concept:  I am.  I am the body.  I am physical.  The ability to ground.  The ability to be content with oneself – the negative.  The connection to the shadow aspect of ourselves and mother earth.
Rotation: women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


Root Chakra

Colour:  Red
Location:  Base of the spine
Concept:  I am.  I have roots and I am grounded.  I am safe and secure at all times.  I have clear boundaries.  I have structure.  I have a stable foundation.
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


Sacral Chakra

Colour:  Orange
Location:  2” below the navel and 2” into the pelvis
Concept:  I feel.  I am creative. I embrace my feelings.  I believe in my ability to be healthy.  I am fluid in all I do.  I connect to all facets of myself.
Rotation:  woman – clockwise; men – counterclockwise


Solar Plexus Chakra

Colour:  Yellow
Location:  Above the navel and below the diaphragm
Concept:  I do.  I am at peace.  I am confident.  I respect myself.  I am courageous.  I am balanced.
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


Heart Chakra

Colour:  Pink, Gold, Green
Location:  Centre of the chest
Concept:  I am love.  I love myself unconditionally.  I have faith in the Universe.  I heal myself.  I show myself kindness.  I always act and react with compassion.
Rotation:  woman – clockwise; men – counterclockwise



The Heart Chakra is our true essence. 
The culmination of all that we are. 
How we act in and react to the world around us.





Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue
Location: Base the throat between the collar bones
Concept:  I speak.  I hear.  I speak from the heart.  I listen from the heart.  I speak with integrity and kindness.  I express my truth with elegance and grace.  I embrace my creativity, the magic of who I am.
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


Brow Chakra

Colour: Indigo
Location:  Centre of the forehead between the eyebrows
Concept:  I see.  I sense.  I see with clarity, Insight and wisdom.  The answer to all my questions is within me.  I am open to my intuition.   My brow chakra is connected to my heart and sacral chakras.  My intuition works for my highest good, for the good of all, for the good of me.
Rotation:  woman – clockwise; men – counterclockwise


Crown Chakra

Colour:  Violet
Location:  Top of the skull
Concept:  I am aware.  I am perfect just the way I am.  Everyone and everything is interconnected.  Everyone and everything is reflective.  I follow my path with elegance and grace.
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


Soul Star

Location:  Above the crown chakra
Concept:  I have purpose.  The location of our spiritual blue print.   The path I am to take.  The lessons I am to learn.  The connection to the positive aspect of ourselves and father sky.
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


10th Chakra

Location:  Above the soul star chakra
Concept:  I am able.  I integrate the gifts to fulfill my higher purpose
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


11th Chakra

Location:  Above the 10th chakra
Concept:  I receive.  I receive and accept the gifts to fulfill my higher purpose
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


12th Chakra

Location:  Above the 11th chakra
Concept:  I am connected.  The collective unconscious. The place where we are all one.
Rotation:  women – counterclockwise; men – clockwise


My promise to myself was to update this blog as new and intriguing facts are revealed:

  • Reminder to self, it is important not to get stuck in convention and to truly follow the uniqueness of the client.
  • The 12th Chakra level has become the minimum level at which to support balance.
  • I have now worked as far out as the 17th level to support chakra balance.