Knowing that I had been suffering a lot of stress, Diane invited me to one of her holistic treatment sessions.

I didn’t know what to expect in regards to the treatment or results.  The whole thing was foreign to me.

When Diane greeted me she asked me some questions and walked my through the process, making me feel perfectly comfortable.

Through a blend of meditation, affirmations and other treatments; Diane helped me into a calm state.

When I left I had clarity of mind, felt at peace, and, moreover, confident that I could cope with my issues.

Going in, Diane was not aware that I had felt overwhelmed, anxious, and unmotivated for months.

For weeks after I have had clarity of mind, confidence and focus that has certainly helped me with my work and life.

What helped most is that Diane targeted the session to my own issues and needs.

I still maintain focus and confidence weeks afterwards and certainly will be considering a follow up session.

Barry Butler,
Account Manager