I  have used Diane’s services twice now with amazing results – unbelievable actually.

During both sessions, Specialized Kinesiology was used to support my alignment to and realization of a goal.

Specialized Kinesiology employs muscle monitoring to detect and release stress in the body which can be caused by emotional, physical, mental or environmental factors.  The intent is to restore holistic balance – a place where the mind, body and spirit are acting in unison – a state which makes realizing any goal easier.  

I approached Diane first with the problem of wanting PEACE in my life and said there was only ONE obstacle, which I knew of, to obtaining my goal of peace.   The second time I saw Diane was to help me “slow down”. In hindsight, the goal was also about finding PEACE but, this time from a different perspective – a different vantage point.  

I pride myself on being a “go getter”.  A person who gets the job done and I’ve often wondered what the term “slow down” really looks like – but, I am definitely getting the message and enjoying it!

The foundation of each session, which is true of all of Diane’s sessions, is that she provides a safe environment where I am able to release the emotions, attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve me.

When I release my self-limiting beliefs – I am able to act from a place of holistic balance – a place where I can be proactive instead of reactive and attain my goal.

Yes, I had noticed I was becoming more reactive – and I always remember what I taught my sons – WHEN YOU REACT – It’s About YOU – not the other person.  So I listened to Diane and her words.  I am a care provider and care providers tend not to take care of themselves. She was right, I have been operating a very successful networking company for 24 years, supporting everyone but myself and was becoming irritable and reactive.  I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to start taking care of myself and become more loving again, to myself and by extension others, instead of reacting to people.

Diane has really helped me in this area – and the affirmations she provides at each session not only support the process but, serve as a great take away – a reminder – following the session.

Thank you Diane for supporting my journey.  I truly feel renewed. I look forward to my next session.

Donna Willon
Focused Networking Ltd.