“Diane’s custom bioenergetic sessions using muscle monitoring were some of the deepest healing sessions of my life. I have worked with many practitioners including Diane for years, and yet there were certain stuck patterns that kept recurring time after time that never seemed to budge. Patterns where I would always react instead of respond, where I would feel flooded with anxiety and go into fight, flight or freeze. In the session, Diane’s process brought me into those difficult places and she stayed with me, holding space so that I could work through the energy and let it fully release. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed in order to move through the tough emotions and stay present with them.

Since the session, I have had times where triggers have come up and finally, I felt free to respond instead of react. I could actually choose how I handled the trigger instead of going into survival mode. An unexpected bonus is that I have found that I am able to experience waves of happiness and joy throughout my days. Something in me unfroze and is able to experience life more fully. I can’t recommend Diane enough.”

Karen F. Energy Practitioner openingandenlightening.com

Opening Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay