Getting Ready

Please find a comfortable position; however, you want to be.  Whatever feels right.

Step 1 – Take in and expel 3 deep breaths.
This is required to release the day, find centre and to be present.
3x – Breathing in deeply; breathing out slowly – releasing – letting go.
(Repeat in groups of 3 for a maximum of 2 – 3 minutes)

 Step 2 – Visualize your happy place, your safe place, your special place.
A place where you find peace and tranquility.
The place where your heart can sing and your heart can dance.
Continue to breath in deeply; breath out slowly for 2 – 5 minutes

Why are you doing this?  Because it is important that your subconscious – your heart based self – your true self – and not the conscious self – the ego self – chooses the affirmation.

One can only truly align to an affirmation that is chosen by the true self.


Once you are relaxed, click on the icon that intuitively feels correct and your affirmation will be revealed.

Working with your Affirmation

To align with the affirmation write it down and keep it with you for one to three weeks (perhaps even longer) – whatever feels right for you.

It can be kept in a pocket during your waking hours, under your pillow at night or you can use it for the basis of your meditative or journaling practice.

Words have an emotional vibration and by carrying the affirmation with you, or simply focusing on it, you are surrounding yourself with the vibration.

Please only work with one affirmation at a time. You should never carry it with you 24 hours a day.  Your body needs a rest for the affirmation to integrate and align.

You will always choose what you need, not necessarily what you want.  Working with what you need vs what you want will always be the most beneficial with respect to your spiritual growth and development.  Working with what you consciously want is of the ego and it may not be possible to integrate and align to an affirmation chosen by the ego (no matter how hard you try).

When you work with an affirmation, you are undertaking a self-healing.

Healing occurs with the release of the emotions that no longer serve you, followed by alignment through integration of the affirmation (because the release has made room for the change).  As individuals, we are quite full and it is almost impossible to align with something new; unless, we are willing to release the old.

Therefore, an affirmation that is a good fit may be slightly uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable, because as you work with it, it will bring emotions to the surface that you need to release to make room for the new.

To release, It is important to recognize the emotion – feel it – call it by name – and then release it – give it away freely without analyzing it.

Should you decide to analyze any emotion that pops to the surface, you will be hardwiring the emotion in as opposed to releasing it.  By keeping the emotion, as opposed to releasing it, complicates your ability to integrate and align to the affirmation.  In fact, it may make it impossible.

Another possibility when you choose an affirmation is that you believe you are already aligned with the choice.  Always remember, if you choose it, you are not completely aligned with it.  There is more releasing to be done.

Focusing on one affirmation at a time supports your greatest chance for alignment.  Working with multiple affirmations at the same time creates a confused state for the body, which is the least supportive atmosphere for self-healing.

Never choose an Affirmation because you like it!

Affirmations should always be chosen blind – using your intuition. 

The Qualifier

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