The Term Grounded

You hear it all the time – You are not grounded – You need grounding.

But, is grounding really what you should be talking about?

I have worked with both the ungrounded and the super grounded.  Both require support.  I am not convinced that grounding is the be all and end all.  Perhaps we should be talking about being centred.

The Ungrounded, Grounded and Super Grounded

Being ungrounded has been described to me as:

  • Not being able to focus or concentrate.
  • Daydreaming and/or being stuck in daydream-like state.
  • Not being present and/or able to be/stay present.
  • Feeling numb.
  • Not being able to feel the physical body.  For example – You know you are sitting on a chair but, cannot really feel the chair beneath you.  Or, you have little to no emotional reaction to an event happening to and/or around you.
  • overwhelmed, tense or anxious.

Ungrounded  State – What am I actually seeing.

  • In some cases, the auric field is completely outside the physical body but, tethered to it.  The auric field appears as a kite, floating above the physical body.  In fact, in a couple on incidences, I have seen the auric field pulling on the body.  It appeared as if the auric field was trying to get the physical body to move away from the current situation.
  • In other cases, the auric field is simply not all the way in – all the way down to the toes within the physical body.  The auric field appears to start from the knees or the shoulders and raises up above the head.

Being Grounded – Finding Centre:

I define being grounded as having a centred auric field.  It reaches both the tips of your toes and below as well as the top of your head and beyond.  I guess the term that better describes this state is centred.  Yes, you need to be in touch with your body, the physical and be in the present; however, if you are not in touch with your higher self, how can you possibly hear what your true self, your higher self, your soul self has to say.

 Being Super Grounded:

It is the opposite of being ungrounded.  I have mainly seen this phenomenon as the entire auric field below the feet

Being Super Grounded has been described to me as:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, tense or anxious.
  • Emotionally more sensitive to events and situations.
  • Feeling weighed down or compressed
  • Unable to tap into your inner knowing/intuition

Relax and Find Centre

Whether you are ungrounded or super grounded, you are not working towards your highest and greatest good.  Having your auric field outside your body, whether above your head or below your feet, leads to tension, anxiety and generally feeling overwhelmed – unbalanced.

You want to work towards having your auric field centred.  The simplest way to achieve this – which isn’t always easy – is to relax.  I truly mean relax and not distract.  You need to relax the body so the auric field can re-position itself.  When the physical body is tense, the auric field cannot centre itself properly.

Consider your body like a tube of toothpaste.  When your body is tense, the auric field, like toothpaste is squeezed out.  Once out of the tube, you know how hard it is to try and get the toothpaste back inside.  Luckily, it is much easier for the auric field to re-position itself once you relax the body.

Relaxing the body is most easily achieved through meditation or Tai Chi and some forms of yoga.

Let’s change the discussion.  Being relaxed and centred is the most supportive state for your health and well-being.

The Qualifier

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Opening Image by David Mark from Pixabay