As with any blog I write, you are more than welcome to agree or disagree with any or all of the information provided.

This information is given to start a dialogue with one intent.  The intent is to help us to understand where we are so we can imagine where we need to be and what we need to do, individually, to start to heal.


Paradox and Truth

Because we are both male and female, positive and negative, light and dark it is believed by some, myself included, that only when there is paradox is there truth.

The words of truth are always paradoxical. (Lao Tzu)

Examples of other paradoxical statements:

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need. (Lao Tzu)

The truth you believe and cling to, makes you unavailable to hear anything new. (Pema Chodron)

The paradox is that when resistance is fully accepted, the resistance disappears. (Adyashanti)
The present day colloquialism – whatever you resist, persists


Wellness, Relaxation and Paradox

Emotions are the tension/the stress we hold in our body.

The more stress we carry, the more rigid our body becomes.

When the body relaxes, we are presented with the ability to release the stressors – the tension – the emotions we have locked away inside.

To relax we must get out of our head and into our body.

Being in the body means we are present and able to feel.

Only when we feel the emotion, can we release it.

Releasing emotions can be extremely hard work.

But, once the emotion has been released, we are able to renew (self-heal) and grow.



Emotions are supposed to be cyclical, not stagnant

According to 5 element theory, emotions like energy are cyclical, not stagnant.

There is a support cycle and a control cycle to help keep everything in balance.

Our current situation, what we happen to be thinking about, will determine the emotion we feel.

The emotions commonly discussed in 5 element theory are: anger, joy, sympathy, grief and fear.

Sometimes, instead of allowing our emotions to flow, we choose to lock them inside.

You might have heard someone say:
I need to be mad right now
I am not ready to forgive
I have no right to be happy.

I believe, It is our absolute right to choose how we want to be – to feel what we want to feel – to hold onto what we want to hold onto or to release what want to release .

We can choose to be still or turbulent.  Only when we are still can we be reflective.


Meditation and the Casual Observer

When we are first learning to meditate, the better we get, the harder it may seem (for a while) as we start to feel the stuck emotions which have been causing our tension.

Our goal is to gain the ability to be the casual observer both in meditation as well as in our daily lives.

Being the casual observer in meditation means that we can release our stressors (emotions) with ease and grace by acknowledging the emotion as we release it.

Example – When an emotion comes to the surface we can say silently to ourselves – I acknowledge I am angry in this moment – I release the anger.

Being the casual observer in our daily lives means we can be proactive as opposed to being emotionally reactive. Not that we don’t have emotions but, we now have the ability to acknowledge and allow the emotions to flow through us with ease and grace.

When the emotions flow through us, they do no cause us stress – they cannot build up and cause us harm.

We cannot stop being emotional beings, we can, however, be healthier by allowing our emotions to flow through us.

We are human after all, and we have emotions and emotions need to be felt, acknowledged and released.

The final stage requires love.

When we release, a void is created.

If we do not fill the void, the void will seek to refill itself with what was released.

To empower ourselves to the fullest extent, we must always fill the void with love.

At the end of every meditation it is for our highest good to breath in love and breath out light.  Breath in love and breath out light.

Love is what we need to fill the void.

We must love ourselves to follow our path with elegance and grace.

We must love ourselves to be able to provide light and kindness to others.


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