Words carry an emotional vibration!  Words are powerful!

Words can heal us!   Words can hurt us!


The work completed by Masaru Emoto provides examples of how human consciousness has an effect on the crystalline structure of water.  That words and thoughts do matter as they carry an emotional vibration.

Positive thoughts and words produce a crystalline structure in water that resembles the most beautiful snowflake.  Ugly thoughts and words produce a structure which mirrors the ugliness.

As humans, we are over 50% water and, therefore, the words we think, speak and hear not only have an impact on us emotionally, but physically and mentally.  Words impacted us at every level.


The emotional vibration of words can balance or unbalance us.

The emotional vibration of words can help us heal or can cause us harm.


I think we can finally throw out the old adage,“sticks and stones may break our bones but, words can never harm me”.


Words can and do harm us!


The emotional vibration of our thoughts and words not only impact us but, they can impact those around us.  The impact of the emotional vibration can be so deep that the ripple effect can be felt for years to come, even for a lifetime.

Yes, bullying definitely matters and needs to stop as the repercussions can be extremely damaging to the person who is being bullied, those who witness the bullying and to the bully.




Because we can start to mirror what we think, hear or say!




Over time, we can become what we think.


Over time, we can become what we are told.


Over time, we can become what we hear.


It can take even a very strong person years to shed the impact of the emotions held from unkind and unproductive words.

Yes, bullying matters.  AND, so does the impact of kindness and kind words.  



In fact, I might even wager that showing kindness and providing words of love and encouragement may even be more powerful than words of hate and anger over the long term.

I had the most extraordinary experience last week.  An experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  

I volunteer at a hospice and a patient put me in their prays.  They said a prayer, referencing me, as I was standing by their bedside.

It was not expected.  To be honest, it took me by surprise.  Okay, to be completely honest, I was actually shocked.  At first I felt a bit uncomfortable and undeserving as I am volunteering to provide love and kindness to the patients.  I never considered I would be on the receiving end of such a beautiful gift and how much the reciprocal love and kindness (once I received it) would impact me.  I felt completely and utterly blessed for that day and days to come.

Yes, bullying matters.  It needs to be addressed and stopped.  

But, more importantly we owe it to ourselves and those around us to provide thoughts and words of love, encouragement and kindness.


“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

James Keller


We as individuals, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by showing kindness to ourselves and others.  Kindness costs us nothing and gives us everything.  Kindness supports our ability to thrive and grow.



Which brings me to the following question:  

Have you told yourself how much you love yourself today?

If not, this is the perfect opportunity.

It is always a good time to love yourself.


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