An important Question!

You really do need to be inquisitive.  Please, don’t be afraid to ask how the session will be conducted.

It is important for you to know what the energy worker considers important as a first step. Is it more important to support moving energy into the body or is it more important to support the release of stale and unwanted energy?

There are 2 different types of energy workers.

Those who believe it is important to put energy in.  And, those who believe before you can move anything new in, you need to support releasing the old.

I subscribe to the latter.

I believe that you are already saturated and that you must remove something, let something go, before change is possible.

You must release to achieve alignment and renewal.

To Release or not to Release?

Consider you are saturated with the thought you are clumsy.  There isn’t any more room for another thought.  The jar is full.


I believe if you think you are clumsy you will become clumsy.

Thinking you are clumsy may have started innocently enough.  Perhaps you picked something up and dropped it by mistake.

At the time, it had only happened once and although you said to yourself “how clumsy” you really didn’t understand how those words would eventually affect you.

Then you were in a store or at a friend’s house and you dropped something that was of value.

You might have thought “wow, I am clumsy”.

Then the friend or store clerk says to you, that was clumsy of you.

Now, every time you hold something, you think to yourself, “I hope I won’t be clumsy and drop it.”

The word “clumsy” is heard over and over again and the self fulfilling prophecy becomes true.  You now drop things because you think you are clumsy.

To Release…

My belief is that you must release the thought you are clumsy, before you can move forward believing you are not.

In other words, you must release before you can fill yourself with a new thought, a new way of being.

The full jar must be emptied a bit to make room for something new.

Please ask…

So, please don’t be afraid to ask your question.

The answer you receive is important.

Choose the type of energy worker you believe will work best for you.

If you want to release first, find someone who believes release is the first crutial step to any session work.

The Qualifier

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