Dear Diane MacDonald,

I am writing to express my astonishment and appreciation for the amazing session you provided.  I really don’t claim to fully understand the various modalities that your sessions consist of.  It isn’t important to me whether it was Reflexology, Reiki, Meditation, Touch for Health or Specialized Kinesiology.  What is important is how I FELT!

I entered your session with a plethora of stress, anxiety and pressure due to a multitude of issues: new job, subsequently following relocation to another Province, my eldest and youngest child being away for the Summer months, and various aches and pains related to my Diabetes 2.

The hour long appointment started at 7pm on June 27, just 2 days prior to moving to Calgary, AB with a household still to be packed and organized. My stress level was through the roof, leaving you in the seemingly unenviable position of attempting to reduce my stress.

Much to my amazement, not only did all my woes and worries seem to fade away during the session, I became so relaxed that I actually dozed off.  It was a miracle indeed.  A miracle I never expected. You managed to reduce my stress level in a single hour.

Believe it or not, the rest of my evening was calm.  Over the next several days before, during and following my move to Calgary I was substantially more calm and stress-free than I ever could have imagined.

Thank you for the session and for introducing me to something that had been completely foreign to me.  I am now an official convert.

Norman Gluck