I was very excited to see Diane as I had already heard great things from my fellow practitioner friends. As a practitioner myself, it’s very important to practice self care. I saw Diane for a lovely healing session recently and I will certainly be back again.

I am very sensitive to peoples energy and frequencies so Diane made me feel very welcome and comfortable which in turn, allowed me to be open and vulnerable. This helped me to release what I needed to release during the session.

She has a pure gift of making you feel safe and secure. Once achieved your body, heart and soul will guide Diane to support you on your healing journey.

As much was released during the session, Diane checked in with me the following day, to see how I was doing. 

I can only describe my experience as positive and pure. And, I highly recommend a session or two with her if you are feeling stuck or scattered.

Looking forward to my next one!

Tracy M