Have you every wondered why…

Some see a weed while, others see a wish.

Being congruent is the key.

We can only be congruent when the mind, body and heart act and react as one – in balance – in unison.

Only when we are truly congruent can a challenge always be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow.


Being at one.

As long as we are at one – at peace – within ourselves, we can be happy regardless of the situation.

When we remain true to ourselves, we can stand tall regardless of whether we look different or have a different purpose.

There is no need to blend in.  We can be ourselves.  We can be different.

No two snowflakes are the same.

Superficially some of us may look the same, dress the same, talk the same but, inside each of us is unique.

Each of us has a unique internal glow, a unique purpose and path.


Love and honour the self.

The more we love and honour ourselves for who we truly are and the purpose and path we follow, the easier it is to be congruent.

Infact, when we love ourselves for who we are, just the way we are, it will not be surprising how strong and resilient we can be.

We are able to grow and fluorish regardless of how harsh or desolate our circumstance or surroundings may seem.


When we are congruent – mind, body and heart – it is easy to see the strength of the dandelion that resides within us.

To see the wish and not the weed.

To have faith in our ability to love and be loved for who we truly are as opposed to viewing our differences as a weed that needs to be eradicated.

Always remember, you are perfect, just the way you are.

The Qualifier

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