Personal Growth through Release

I truly believe your body represents the stories you have kept.  And, I believe your body is continually trying to provide you with feedback.  Continually speaking to you, to let you know how you are doing.  When and what you need to release.

Why release?

Because, I believe you are perfect just as you are.  I have faith in the fact that your higher self is always acting in your highest and greatest good.

It is unfortunate that you tend not to listen, to ignore, what your body is telling you.  The body speaks in the language of energy.  Are you feeling energized or tired?  If you are feeling energized, you are most likely working in alignment with your highest and greatest good.  When tired, you are holding onto something you need to release.  The same is true when you are tense, anxious or in pain.  Unless there is a physical injury, your body is letting you know that you are holding onto a story, an emotion, that needs to be released.

You see, I do not hold the majority view that your conscious mind is your higher self.  My belief is that your subconscious mind is your higher self, your true self, your heart centre, your soul self.  The rudder that steers your ship.

I believe the conscious mind has more in common with your ego.

Consider the following:  You have just finished a really tough day at work.  A thought pops into your mind about a situation that didn’t go to your liking. In fact, you wish you had a “do over” button you could press.  I believe your higher self pushed the thought into your conscious mind to give you a chance to feel and release the emotion you have been holding onto all day.  But, as a human being, the species with an ego, you misinterpret the gift being handed to you.  Instead, you believe that the thought popped into your mind to be analyed.  You want to figure it out and punish yourself or the other person.  There must be a winner and a loser.

It has been scientifically proven that analyzing your thoughts, makes your body tense.  And, a tense body locks in your emotions.  In other words, a tense body holds onto things, it does not release them.  And, release is what is required to move forward.  Release is what your body is requesting of you for your highest and greatest good.

Growth means Expansion

Growth in nature, as in humans, is considered to be an expanded state not one of reduction, retraction or constriction.

Consider a rose bush.  Each flower starts as a bud which has the potential to bloom.  You would only consider the rose bush to be thriving, if it blossoms and grows.

Why would you think humans to be any different?  As a human, you are of the earth, and every living thing on this wonderous planet has cycles – birth, growth, reproduction and death.  To thrive, you must blossom and grow.

As in life, so in literature, humans are often compared to flowers.

  • The flower which is single need not envy the thorns that are numerous.  Rabindranath Tagore
  • Be honest, be nice, be a flower not a weed.  Aaron Neville
  • The flower has opened, has been in the sun and is unafraid. I’m taking more chances; I’m bold and proud.  Paula Cole

If you truly believe the analogy between humans and flowers then why should you not expect your true self, your heart based self, your soul, to be capable of growth during your life.  The answer is of course you would.

Growth not Reduction

In my world, human growth is achieved through your ability to raise your vibration and connect to your divine self, your heart based self.

A mentor of mine once said, if you resonate with fear you will pick up all the fear around you.  But, if you resonate with love, you will be able to see the goodness in yourself.  To love yourself and, therefore, be capable of loving others.

You cannot truly love yourself unless you value your true self.  Not the person you think you should be or need to be for the sake of others.  It is the person you are right now, who is perfect.  You have a light and a dark side.  The light and shadows aspects of your personality are acknowledged, understood and accepted.  You love yourself for who you are and know your purpose because you are in touch with your true self, your heart based self.

Always remember, when you live through the eyes of another, you will never be good enough.  You will be living a lie and as a lessor version of your true self.

You are here to learn lessons and clean up your karma.  You can hardly do any of that by pretending to be someone you are not.  Hanging your happiness on the words of another is not living your life to your potential.  It is merely existing.

Be bold, brave and most importantly be you!  Because, you are perfect the way you are!

The Qualifier

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