The Qualities of Meditation

When you hear the term meditation, what comes to mind?  Do you think of something that is tedious and boring?  Or, do you think of meditation as an escape or possibly a mini vacation?

How you view meditation is so very important.  You see, meditation can be the key to your personal growth and development.

Before continuing, I must add a disclaimer.  Meditation is not for everyone.  If it does not resonate with you, please DO NOT DO IT.  For any practice to be helpful, it must become a habit.  It must become part of your regular routine for you to reap the benefits.

Before I started practicing meditation, I believed only truly enlightened souls could meditate.  Those who possessed the qualities of patience, temperance and transcendence.  In other words, I believed only Tibetian Monks could truly practice meditation.  And, that these Monks could sit for minutes, even hours, and think about absolutely nothing.

My beliefs have shifted dramatically since I started meditating.

I believe that meditation is a practice which allows you to clear the stories which are hindering your personal growth and development.  The stories creating tension and anxiety within your body.

In short, meditation, as I view I now, is a release mechanism.

Meditation calms your mind.  A calm mind relaxes your body.  Once your body is relaxed, the stories you have been holding will pop to the surface, your consciousness, like corks.  To release these corks you are required to take on the role as the neutral observer.  As a neutral observer, you are capable of releasing the corks instead of analyzing them.

Analyzing tenses your body which holds the corks firmly in place instead of releasing them.

Meditation is one way to release that which no longer serves you.  However, you must be committed and focused.  Qualities that are not easy to come by when you already feel there aren’t enough hours in your day.

To add one more dimension of complexity, as a human being, you are also capable of limbic resonance.  This means you are capable of resonating at the same emotional frequency as another.  Therefore, you are currently carrying and will continue to carry some, if not all, of the emotional baggage of those in your immediate and extended circles.

Qualities for Meditation

For those of you who would like to experience a different kind of meditation, I invite you to choose 5 qualites, characteristics, values.  Meditate with the words you choose to facilitate release.

First, please print this page.

Qualities Values Characteristics (1)

  1. Choose 20 numbers between 1 and 220.  Whatever pops into your mind.
  2. Follow the directions in section 2, which will decrease your set of 20 numbers down to 10.
  3. In the final section, you will be guided to select your top 5 numbers.  Each number corresponds to a different quality, value or characteristic.  Some may be negative and some positive.  As the casual observer you are inquisitive, curious and never judgemental.

Second, please print this page.

Qualities Values Characteristics (2)

This page has the qualities, values and characteristics that correspond to the numbers you have chosen.

Your Choices and the Meditation

How long you decide to meditate on your choices is completely up to you.  You may decide to meditate on one word for a week, before moving to the next word.  Or you may decide to meditate on all 5 words each day for a month.

It is the order that is important, not the length of time you spend on each.  Always work with your choices in the order that you chose them.

It is also important that you finish with one group of 5 words, before you pick the next group of 5.

You may want to meditate on some words and journal or doodle with others.

When you are relaxed and ready to receive the information to be released the story will pop into your consciousness.

You are being called upon to release with ease and grace as a neutral observer without analysis.

Once you have released, please fill yourself with love.  Breath in love and breath out light.  Inhale love and exhale light.  You need to do this to fill in the hole you so masterfully created through your release.   Once refilled, you are complete.

The Qualifier

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Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay