A Message for Spiritual Growth

The purpose of the tarot is to guide you along your spiritual path.

Because your outer world reflects your inner world, it is always in your best interest to find peace within to create peace without.

Peace is easiest to find when following the path of least resistance.  A path that does not force us to control others.

You can only control how you act and react. You cannot control others (no matter how hard you may try.)

July 2020 – Message

Message of the IV of Wands when crossed by the Ace of Swords.

It is time to celebrate!  Remember that small accomplishments are just as important as the big ones.  In the past few months you have faced something, responded and succeeded.

Please don’t let your celebration be overshadowed by your conscious mind getting in the way.  The message is clear, you have not failed.

Your consciousness, the ego, is so ver powerful that if can overshadow your subconscious.  The subconscious is the true essence that requires to be be followed to all your heart centre – your soul – to flourish and grow.

You are always being shown the correct path.

Sometimes a path is only to be followed for a short time and then the door will close.  Only when you accept the door closing are you truly free and able to see the new path being offered.

When the door closes you haven’t failed.  You are being shown you have outgrown the path.  It is no longer for your highest and greatest good.

Know who your are.  Love yourself and embrace the limitations of every circumstance.  Limitations are a blessing in disguise.  They allow you to move on with ease and grace.  To follow a new path.


Tarot Readings are intended solely for entertainment purposes.

You must follow your own common sense and good judgment when making any and all of your life decsions.


Lock Image – Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay

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