Spiritual Growth

My version of spiritual growth means alignment with your soul’s purpose and path.

I believe the soul chooses the body it requires to live the life needed so it may face the challenges, the hurdles, required for its growth.

The flip side is that as the soul develops you have no choice but to become a better person.  A more evolved person.  Evolution requires alignment with the heart and not the mind.

Because, your heart is your soul and your mind is your ego.

I am not speaking of your intellect.

Your mind is your consciousness.  The thought creating mechanism that is fearful by nature and needs to cower or control.

The heart is your soul, the subconscious mechanism that is always trying to stear you in the correct direction.  To do what is for your highest and greatest good.

To heal your heart and to act from the heart is the greatest achievement there is.

For women acting from your heart means having faith in yourself, loving yourself, and healing yourself.  This is required to shine a nurturing light on yourself and those around you.

As men operate differently, loving the self means respecting the self and speaking from the heart.  Your advice is the the love you share.


The Mind is of the Ego

The body represents your emotions, the heart your soul and the gut your mind.

Your body speaks to you in the language of emotions.  And emotions need to be acknowledged and accepted to be released.

Needing to know “your why” for the way you are feeling is your trap.

Anxiety is a product of the mind trying to rationalize your feelings.  Rationalization requires you to keep the emotions instead of releasing them.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Note the picture.  There are thoughts whirling around in your head but, where did they come from. I believe they originated in your gut. The ego self.

When the ego self is in charge, you need to rationalize and prove you are correct. You will, therefore, enlist judgement.  You will judge others or a situation because, there must be a wrong and a right way.


Tarot and Spiritual Growth

The purpose of the tarot is to guide you along your spiritual path.

Because your outer world reflects your inner world, it is always in your best interest to find peace within to create peace without.

It is not about hiding, it is about standing your ground.

But, standing your ground in a way that projects your inner stillness not aggression or frustration.

To find inner stillness you must release the emotions that no longer serve you.


Man’s Best Friend has the Right Idea

Dogs are a wonderful example of how to release emotions.  Rationalization is not required in their world.

Lets say that 2 dogs get into a fight.  Yes, in a judgemental mind there will probably be a physical winner or a loser.

The paradox is that dogs instinctively know that they need to release their emotions to rebalance and continue; however, we as the more evolved species do not.

In some instances I have seen dogs shake their bodies to remove the energy, the emotion they are carrying.  In other cases I have seen dogs do the downward dog yoga pose and yawn.

The important point is that a dog does not try to rationalize why it fought and possibly lost.  A dog will move on by releasing the energy, the emotion, of the situation.


Learning from our Mistakes

If you get caught up in always having to win, you will never try something at which you may fail.

In the dog scenario above there is another paradox.  The paradox of strength vs weakness.  I believe the weaker dog is the stronger for the physically weaker dog knows its limitations.  A lesson the physically stronger dog does not learn.


Tarot and a Spiritual Awakening

For any issue you are currently navagating, a tarot reading reflects, in real time, a snapshot of the place you are occupying on your spiritual journey to self-acceptance and inner peace.

A tarot reading can also show how past influences culminated in your present journey and a possible path or way forward.


Opening Image

Image by Daniel Albany from Pixabay

The Disclaimer

Please note that tarot readings are considered entertainment.

Any and all of your decisions regarding your current life situation must be based on your own common sense and judgment and not on the information provided by the tarot reading.