Yang Energy – Soft, White and Light

The Preamble

My journey as an energy worker continues to bring forth different experiences.  Wonderful yet, completely unexpected experiences.

Before I continue, I should let you know that I am able to read energy fields.  This occurs if and only if I am given permission and only during a session.  

To be clear, I must be face to face with the person and I must say the words “permission to work with you” and they must say “yes”.  This agreement is our contract for the session.  Once the session is over I am no longer able to read the energy.

Now to the share an experience I had.  I hope you find it as truly fascinating as I did.

Tai Chi Class

A few weeks ago at a Tai Chi class the instructor was demonstrating how he could physically move us (the students) with ease and grace without asserting any muscular force.  To my delight, I was asked to participate in the demonstration. 

The instructor invited me to hold his forearm.  He asked me to place one hand on the bottom and one hand on the top and to hold tightly.  I did not.  Instead, I held firmly but, not tightly.  He looked at the class and said “this one wants to see the energy so I will let her”.

As an aside, I thought is quite interesting that he knew my intent.  Back to the story…

The Demonstration

Within a few seconds of the demonstration starting, I could see beautiful effervescent energy emerging from the instructor’s arm.  The energy appeared as a sheer white curtain with tiny delicate twinkling lights spaced intermittently throughout.

(Finding a picture of what I saw was extremely difficult. The hood or bell of a jellyfish is the closest replica as it is a translucent white with white spots.  Exchange the white spots with twinkling white lights and we are even closer to what I saw.)

I would imagine, if you did not see energy, you would think that the instructor’s forearm to be expanding and the expansion of the forearm to be the force pushing your hands away – outward.

However, having seen and experienced the demonstration, my perception is slightly different.  What I believe is that the energy emanating from the forearm is pushing against the tenseness of the hands gripping the forearm.  And, this explains why the instructor asked me to grip the forearm tightly.  

The tighter the grip, the more resistance there is and the easier it is for the hands to be repelled by the soft, white energy.

Always wishing to experiment, I tried to let the energy pass through me.  As this was counter productive to the purpose of the demonstation, the instructor increased the density of the twinkling lights.  I began to feel myself tensing up as I saw the number of twinkling lights increased.  As I tensed up, the energy began to move me – repelling me backwards away from the instructor. 

The movement/push was quite gentle.  Although I was definitely being moved, it was not forceful.  But, you could not have stopped it unless you were truly capable of totally relaxing the body and letting the energy pass through you.

Totally amazing!

Stay Calm and Let the Energy Flow

It is the tensing of your own body – your reaction to the energy – that causes you to move.  To be repelled.

The instructor was exerting absolutely no muscular pressure.  He somehow created energy within himself and allowed it to flow through him.  As I tensed up, I created a rigid structure that the energy could push against.

It was spectacular to see and participate in.

Your destiny lies in how you react to others.  As soon as you tense up, you give your power away.  The best defence is always to stay calm and non-reactive.  To let energy flow. 

Ah Ha Moment

If that wasn’t interesting enough, after the demonstration, the instructor said looking right a me “that is yang energy”.

I have to say for a minute, I was blown away.  It was an ah ha moment.  Yang is masculine energy.  Yang is always described as light and bright.  I even refer to the heavens as father sky and the ground as mother earth.  

Even with this knowing, it was astonishing for me to feel and truly understand that masculine energy is soft, white and light.