Complementary Care Providers

I am considered to be a complementary care provider.  I am qualified in 6 different modalities, 2 of which are referred to as pure energy work – Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.

Self-care is well-care

For my well-being, my highest good, it is essential that I am present (mindful) and centred before, during and after each client session.

I learned early in my journey anything I feel, see, hear during a session belongs to the client.  It is not mine to keep.

Keeping the stories, the energy, of others is not in my best interest.  In fact, it can do me harm.

Stories carry an emotional vibration – stress.  By keeping the story, I am, therefore, keeping the stress.

At the end of each session I set my intent to release what is not mine.  To release the story that belongs to the client.  I know I have accomplished my goal when I can no longer recall the details of the session.

Session work

Although each session is quite different, my primary focus is always the same.  It is to support the client’s ability to relax, release and renew.

Only when you relax your body, can the body release your held stories.  Your stress.

I must never carry any baggage into the session. There must be no preconceived notions.  No judgement.  Most importantly, there must be no intent to heal.

I am and must remain a conduit for love, compassion and kindness to create a safe and relaxing space.

Setting my intent to heal would subconsciously set up a scenario where not only will I accept your story, I will hold your story – your stress.

Taking on stress is never in one’s best interest.  It is, therefore, easy to understand that taking on a client’s story – a client’s stress – would never be in my best interest.  It would never be for my highest good.


The Human Condition

As humans, we are both complex and unique.

We are made up of many moving parts.

In the field of complementary wellness it is believed we require free flowing energy to be both balanced and healthy.

Under stress, regardless of the cause, our body tenses up, our energy no longer flows with ease and, our moving parts tend to get stuck.


Consider the moving parts to be our joints.

It is common place in my world to hear the phrase “our joints tell our stories”.

Consider how flexible we are as children and how stiff we become as adults.

Joint stiffness is not only an indicator of our overall state of flexibility – body as well as mind – it represents our overall state of well-being.  An indicator or how freely our energy is moving and how quickly we can adapt to our changing environment.


Complementary Care Providers – healers?

Complementary wellness practitioners are quite commonly referred to as healers.

Being a complementary wellness practitioner, I can say in all honesty, I really don’t like the term.

Healer is defined as one who heals.

That is not me.  Nor do I want to be defined that way.

I support relaxation so the client is able to move from a state of stress, anxiety and tension to one of relaxation, release and restoration.

Only when the body is relaxed can it release what it needs to release – stuck energy – stuck stories – and start the renewal (healing) process.

I hold space.

By holding space, I ensure the energetic vibration of the session is heart centred which allows the client to relax and release with greater ease.

Before each session I envision the room filled with deer.  The keeper of heart medicine.

I hold space and support relaxation to empower the client to restore their own balance.

I do not cure, nor do I heal.  That is left to the client.


A bridge, not a healer

Although I do not consider myself a healer, I would consider myself to be a bridge.

I am the bridge to the client’s higher self which I define as the heart centre.

If and only if the client is engaged in the process and wishes me to see, hear or feel their story, will I be able to.

Only when the client is open to me telling them what I am seeing, hearing or feeling with respect to the story they are trying to release will I do so.

I am not, nor do I have any desire to be a knower – claircognicent.  I am a proud clairsentient.

Providing a picture, a story is what I do; however, I do not – cannot – interpret the story.  It is up to each client to make their own connections.

It is up to the client to take what they want and to leave the rest.

The client is in charge of the session, following their own path and moving at their own pace to release their own stress, anxiety and tension.

Empowerment is the key.  I believe wellness is dependent on an indivdual’s ability to restore their own balance.

For my part, it is always an honour to play a supporting role.  To hold space and to tell the story as I witness it.


The Qualifier

Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. is a complementary care provider.

All the services provided by complementary care providers are complementary to, and do not replace the prescribed treatment of a licensed Medical Professional.  Complementary care providers do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

Raincoast Elemenatal Wellness and Consulting Inc. is domiciled in Canada and, therefore, falls under the laws and jurisdiction of Canada.