Crying is a natural release mechanism.

It allows us to rid the body of stress.

When we stop ourselves from crying, we are inadvertently holding onto a stress the body is trying process and get rid of.

If not released, the stress will eventually manifest in the body as an ache, a pain or possibly anxiety, tension or a new or worsening health condition.

When we stop ourselves from crying, we are acting against our self interest and our ability to self-heal.

Consider, just for a moment, we are living in a world that is upside down, wrong side out.

Society asks us to embrace logic, the mind, and to push our feelings to the side.

What if I told you that the mind is equivalent to the ego, the body is equivalent to our feeling self and, the soul the heart-centre.

Some may agree; however, the thinkers may put forward the fact that as human beings we are social creatures.  Therefore, community and acceptance are of parmount importance.  And generally, both are based on compliance and conformance.

My reply is yes, absolutely.  Community and acceptance are important.   However, we are not identical nor should we be expected to be.

I believe, society and the well-being of the individual was derailed when we started placing more importance on compliance and conformnity.


The mind, the ego, should not reign supreme.

If we are willing to consider that the well-being of an individual depends on the ability to find balance, internal conguence – mind, body and heart. Then each is required in equal parts.

Compliance and conformance will not lead to the well-being of the individual or society at large.

I believe when society values our uniqueness, instead of our sameness, humanity will thrive and we will all benefit.

Individuals will be kinder and gentler with more capacity to love and care for themselves as well as others.

Why does this matter?  How does it relate to our ability to cry?


There are many reasons why we don’t cry.

  • We are worried about what others may think.
  • We don’t want to stick out, appear different.
  • Our primary concern is that we may make others feel uncomfortable.
  • Affection was only shown to us when we didn’t cry.

I am sure there are more reasons than the four (4) I have listed; however, it is important to note that these four (4) touch on our need to conform to be accepted.


Crying is good for the body, mind and heart-centre.

Crying is cleansing.  It gives us the opportunity to acknowledge, release and renew.

Crying is good for the body, mind and heart-centre.  It supports internal balance and well-being.


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