On Saturday, I was at a Therapeutic Touch workshop.

During the workshop there were practice sessions.  At the end of each practice session, I saw, in my mind’s eye, a Seagull.

Not the entire Seagull.  Just the left hand side of the head.  Left eyeball looking me square in the face.

Seeing an animal (in this case a bird) – a spirit guide – is not odd for me. What is different, new (and needs to be figured out) is why I am seeing the guide at the end of the session.

Normally, I see a spirit guide during the session.  When this happens, I tell the client what I am seeing and then outline the meaning of the spirit guide to them.

As I was seeing the Seagull after the session had ended, I never mentioned it to the client.  In hindsight, I am really glad I didn’t mention it.  ( Why? Stay tuned!)

Seagull as a Spirit Guide

To be honest – Seagull – on the surface, I am not a fan. 

I have always viewed Seagulls as being kinda scrappy – scroungers – eating garbage – bickering amongst themselves.

Then BAM, it finally dawns on me. 

The reason I am seeing the Seagull at the end of the session is because the Seagull belongs to me – NOT THE CLIENT.

My first thought was EGADS, SERIOUSLY – A Seagull as a guide.

I normally see hummingbirds, doves, even wolves and sharks.

My second thought was, how judgemental.  This must mean there is something I am missing.  Something I should be paying attention to.

My Life Lesson

I have learned over the years that the more I resist something, the more necesary it is for me to learn or accept.

(As an aside.  In my youth I said, I will never join Toastmasters and I will never join a women’s group.  I have now done both and found them to be extremely supportive and helpful.)

In this case, since I am fighting so hard internally not to accept Seagull, there must be something important she needs to tell me.  Something important I need to listen to and accept.

No time to waste….

Without wasting any more time, I google Seagull as a Spirit Animal.

And, of course, Seagull has a long list of lovely attributes.

This is the one that particularly resonates with me:

Seagull can encourage and inspire you to express your individuality and follow your own path.

Hmmm – That is my mantra.  What I believe, and what I say to clients.

You are a beautiful snowflake – Perfect the way you are – It is important to love yourself just as you are and to follow your own path.

It is extremely interesting, that I am receiving the same guidance I give my clients.  I guess I am not walking the talk.

Seagull at work – My dreams

Little did I know Seagull had already started to support me.

Then, I remembered my dream.  The dream I had that very morning.

In the dream, I am visiting my parents in Toronto.  I’m late leaving for the plane.  Frantically I start to pack.  

My parents both say – Don’t worry about packing – Just go. You have everything you need.

It starts to make sense.  If I am truly to follow my own path, I cannot carry the baggage of my “personal” past with me.

Then, the following morning, I have a similar dream.  This time I’m at a conference in Vegas.  Again, I’m late for the plane.  

The choice  – pack or take the flight.  I choose the flight.

When I enter the plane – the fuselage melts – I am floating in the galaxy – weightless – there is only darkness and stars.

Then I see suitcases – My baggage – floating past me.  

Undeniably, there seems to be a lot.  I could even say that I was startled by the amount of baggage I saw floating past me.

However, if I am truly to follow my own path, I cannot bring the baggage of my previous “career – jobs” with me.

The way of the Seagull

The Seagull is exactly what I need.  I am grateful that Seagull came to me. It is time to follow my own path.  It is time to leave my baggage behind.

The Qualifier

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