My Belief

My belief is simple.  You are perfect!

Your true self, your higher self, your heart centred self, knows exactly what lessons you need to learn to flourish and grow.  Believe it or not, these lessons are hardwired in and you are already living them.

It is not always easy for you to see your lessons and to understand the path you are walking with clarity.  This lack of clarity happens when the connection to your true self, your heart centred self becomes broken, or frayed.

Regardless of the type of session you choose, the intent of the session will always be to support your reconnection to your higher self.  To simply uncover the magnificence that already resides within you.

To uncover means to release.  Release is only possible when you can relax.  The tension and anxiety you are carrying is locking your stressors inside.

When you are ready, willing and able to let go of your stressors, the attitudes and patterns that are no longer working for your highest and greatest good, we can work together to support your release and renewal.

Allowing you to shine your brightest bright for yourself and all those whose lives you touch.

We all have the key to our own door.  You just have to listen to open it.

The Qualifier

Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. is a complementary care provider.

All the services provided by complementary care providers are complementary to, and do not replace the prescribed treatment/therapy of a licensed Medical Professional.  Complementary care providers do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

Raincoast Elemental Wellness and Consulting Inc. domiciles in Canada and falls under the laws and jurisdiction of Canada.


Opening Image – Flower and Butterfly – Image by Hans Benn from Pixabay

Image of Door – Image by ShonEjai from Pixabay